Ro Drift Boats

All those that drift are not lost...

Ro driftboats are favored by professional guides. The Ro Guide & Ro Deville model driftboats can carry three people in just five inches of water. Check out our ultra light and low profile South Fork Skiffs and Ro Skiff which outperforms all others in tracking in windy conditions. Find out why our customers love rowing a Ro.

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The Hype

Ro Drift Boats Surpass All Others

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The Ro Bottom

Guides Love RO

  • "The RO chines allow straighter tracking for better fishing.

    RO Clients are Your Clients

    With RO's unique flexible bottom, when you pull back against the current, the current lifts the bottom of the boat allowing to float up on top. The RO design almost hovers through current and whirl pools. In high winds you can continue to track well, plus you can also stop and maneuver much easier."

    -Mitch Allen

    Owner, Three Rivers ranch

RO Chine's Improve Tracking

Ro Drift Boats The Finest Driftboats and Skiffs


Ro's Chine-2-Chine tracking uses the water's own force to improve handling in any conditions. The concave space feels like you're floating on a bubble. The sharp chines give you plenty of traction when you need it to move.

Floats in Inches of Water

Ro Drift Boats The Finest Driftboats and Skiffs


Put a Ro Boat on the river, and the water forces the flexible bottom upwards. This concave channel tracks the water and concentrates friction on the Kevlar-reinforced chines.

Our Bottom Creates Lift

Ro Drift Boats The Finest Driftboats and Skiffs


Sure, floating higher lets you pass over shallow, rocky stretches of the river to get to where the fish are. But with no flat, rigid surfaces in the water - and less of the boat at all - you'll get less resistance and easy rowing.

Find out which Ro is right for you at our driftboat and skiff model pages.

See why our customers love rowing a Ro. Get to know the Ro at our photo gallery. Or find out how to get one for yourself.

  • The Ro Guide

    If you spend weeks rather then days on the river the Guide is an excellent boats that can accommodate you and your guests including the kitchen sink. For 2010 we continue to innovate to produce perfection. The improved ultra light, ultra spacious Guide is favored by more than half of the professional guides in Eastern Idaho and Southwestern Montana. Our guides model driftboat will carry three people in just five inches of water.

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  • The Ro Deville

    Ro Drift Boats has once again introduced a boat for fly fisherman that has already started to change the industry. The Deville rows like a skiff but has all of the whitewater capabilities of a true McKenzie style drift boat. 300 pounds and floats in 4 inches of water without losing any space, safety or dry storage you have the perfect Rocky Mountain fly fishing vessel.

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  • The Ro Skiff

    In shallow water, the Ro Skiff lets you keep your mind on the fish. The incredible versatility of the RO Skiff is unsurpassed. The Skiff carries up to three people in as little as three inches of water. The low profile and perfected chine's keep the RO Skiff tracking even in windy river and lake conditions. We have been through plenty of rough water in the RO Skiff as well to insure it integrity in any conditions you find.

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