When buying a new boat one important decision you have to make is what colors you want your boat painted.  Your choices are either a two tone exterior or one solid color for the outside.  Most of this is left up to personal preference, but there are a few things you might want to consider when making a choice.

  • Dark colored boats have a tendency to show all the scratches.  Scratches are inevitable, but lighter colors such as white tends to hide more of the cosmetic damage caused by rock dings and tree branches.
  • Resale value.  You may love that your neon green boat matches your favorite jacket but that doesn’t mean the next owner wants that.  If you are planning on selling your boat or trading it in the near future staying with your basic color patterns will make it sell faster and might bring you a few more dollars.  Blues, greens, greys and tans with white bottoms are popular colors.  Light grey for the bottom color also goes well with all these.
  • For interior colors a majority of our boats are done in a light grey or tan.  Dark interiors tend to be hotter and harder to keep clean.
  • We always “web” our interiors.  The webbing is the spider web looking paint on the inside that breaks up the paint job and helps tie the boat together.  We generally use two colors when we web.  Black or white and one of your exterior colors to help the whole paint job come together.
  • You also get to pick the color you want your boxes and braces.  Lighter is always better than darker.  They won’t get as hot as the darker colors and won’t oxidize from the sun.

If you are interested in having that one of a kind boat we suggest having your boat “wrapped” with vinyl.  If you want to put your company logo, your favorite camouflage pattern or leopard print. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.  The major advantage of this is when it is time to sell your boat, you can just remove the vinyl and you have a nice paint job that has been protected from the elements.  Check out these custom wraps that we have done in the past.