This beautiful Don Hill boat has never been on the water and has always been covered and stored in a garage.  The interior has lots of room with a side anchor system, rope rowers seat, front standing brace, and storage under the standing brace and rowers bench.  The boat is of wood construction with a rosewood trim finish. The bottom is skinned with 1/2 inch ABS plastic.  All exterior boat edges are covered with the plastic as well.  The front bench seat is removable as are the 2 backrests included with the boat.  The galvanized trailer pictured came with the boat and was built by Spirit Trailers.  It comes compete with a 30 lb. anchor, new Sawyer oars, brass oarlocks, and a full waterproof gore tex boat cover.  This boat is a dream to row, fish from, and extremely quiet on the water.  This is a complete outfit and needs nothing.  Wooden boats of this caliber and quality don’t show up very often.  A true purists boat with history.