This Carbon Fiber LSG is the lightest drift boat available. Not only is it lighter, it is absolutely bomb proof.  This is a sexy boat! (The branding stickers on the exterior can be easily removed) We have tested these boats in some of the harshest conditions and the epoxies used in conjunction with the Carbon Fiber and Basalt Innegra have created the most durable drift boat money can buy. Retail is over 30k! This is your chance to own a truly one of a kind Ro LSG! This boat was specifically built for a great friend of ours from Japan. Because of COVID he has not been able to use it and has decided to sell it. The boat has been on the water just 3 times. It does not show any visible scratches and is in “NEW” condition. This package includes a near new Black Dog Galvanized trailer, Sawyer Bandit Carbon Fiber oars, 30 lb anchor, full cover, tongue jack, spare tire and mount. You will not see another boat like this again any time soon. ALL NEW AND USED RO DRIFT BOATS COME WITH OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY Contact RO Sales Department Phone: 406-641-0011 or Email