2023 RO Skiff

In shallow water, the Ro Skiff lets you keep your mind on the fish. The incredible versatility of the RO Skiff is unsurpassed. The Skiff carries up to three people in as little as three inches of water. The low profile and perfected chine’s keep the RO Skiff tracking even in windy river and lake conditions. We have been through plenty of rough water in the RO Skiff as well to insure it integrity in any conditions you find.


Standard Features:

  • Deluxe, All-Weather Padded Swivel Seats (Frond & Rear)
  • 4” Padded Rowers Seat
  • Front and Rear Standing Braces
  • Front and Rear Under Seat Dry Storage
  • 17″ Rowers box with Dry Storage
  • Full Walk Around Box Floor and Floor Release Anchor System with Rope & 30lb. Anchor
  • Cup Holders
  • Raised Front Non-Skid Flat Floor
  • Easy Side Storage
  • 8 1/2’ or 9′ Sawyer Polecat Oars
  • Deluxe Double-Roller Galvanized Black Dog Trailer
  • Recessed and Staggered Rod Holders

Optional Features

  • Premium Oar Upgrade $Call
  • Spare Breakdown Oar $190
  • Aqualon Waterproof Cover $725
  • Spare Tire and Mount $225
  • Spare Drain Plug $6
  • Extra Oar Lock $56