Used Boats For Sale

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RO Tailwater 2018 $9850

This RO Tailwater is in excellent shape and has only been on the water a few times.  This boat has a walk around layout with a dry storage boxes under all the seats, this boat will hold up to 8 rods, a removeable garbage can, standing braces, floor anchor system, and cup holders.  This boat also comes with a new 2020 Black Dog galvanized trailer, new polecat oars, anchor, and rope.  ALL NEW AND USED RO DRIFT BOATS COME WITH OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY Contact RO Sales Department Phone: 406-641-0011 or Email

Stealth Craft 2014 $6495

This Stealth Craft has tons of storage!  This boat has a walk around style with storage under all the seats, rod holders, side anchor system, standing braces, and cup holders.  This package also includes a galvanized trailer, spare tire, anchor, and rope. (No oars included)

Aluminum Hyde $3995

This aluminum Hyde comes with a rowers bench, plenty of storage, rod holders, standing braces, and side anchor system.  This boat also comes with a used trailer, oars, anchor, and rope.