RO Guides

Johnny Blumenthal Hometown:Saratoga, WY

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John is a fifth generation Saratoga native. Growing up on one of the areas guest ranches allowed John to start guiding at an extremely young age.   As a youngster he spent most of his summers fishing the ranch’s dry fly creek.  Even before he was a teenager he guided the creek as the need arose.  After years on the creek he graduated to floating the Upper North Platte with a driver’s license in hand. This early start helped him compile much more experience than the average guide just under 30.  He has guided as far north as the cold rivers of remote Alaska and fished as far south as the warm water flats of the Gulf of Mexico, but has always found his way home to the North Platte Valley.

Johnny is a young, fit, aggressive guide who bears the experience of a much older man.  He will use his knowledge of the river to fish where the hooking up happens and move the boat quickly in the slow spots.  You will easily identify the former wrestler and Marine in him as he rows.


Frank Kneeshaw | Hometown: Twin Bridges, MT | (253)906-7091 |

Frank Kneeshaw

Frank the Tank is a RO original in more ways than one, and his motto is “fishin and grinin.” He’s been ROing a RO Guide Model boat for over 15 years. Frank has been outfitting and guiding the Twin Bridges area rivers (Big Hole, Bearverhead, Jefferson, Ruby, and Madison) for over a decade. He is truly the Ironman of the Southwest Montana area, spending more days on these rivers than anyone. You’ll find Frank on these rivers over 200 days a year either guiding or fishing with his better half Leslie, or one of his three sons Axel, Luke, or Jake; or maybe even Robert Eddins since he makes an annual trip to Twin Bridges to fish with Frank. A great teacher and patient guide, Frank is the perfect choice for any angler from expert to beginner. Frank specializes in the whole Montana experience, and has a way of avoiding the crowds, which is why you come to Montana after all. To quote Robert, “Frank is one of my favorite fly fishing people ever.” To quote Frank, “all of my RO Drift Boats have been durable and fishy.”

Mike Algar | Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mike Algar

Mike was born in Northern British Columbia just south of the Alaskan border and caught the fishing bug at a very young age. When his family moved to the banks of Southern Alberta’s Bow River his passion for the sport of fly fishing exploded. He started guiding on Bow and in the frontal range lakes and streams of the Rocky Mountains in 2004. He then turned his passion for the art into a legitimate business in 2006. Mike is the owner and head guide of Freestone Fly Fishers Ltd. He is an artist, outdoor photographer, and fanatical fly fisher and guide. Mike has chased fish all over from Atlantic salmon of the Miramichi River on Canada’s east coast, to the flats of the Bahamas and has thoroughly fished the waters of Montana, Washington and Northern California. Mike has rowed almost every make and model of drift boat available but a 16 foot Ro Deville is his drift boat of choice.

Henry Hoffman | Hometown: Alder, MT

Henry Hoffman

As a third generation resident of the Ruby Valley, there is no doubt that Henry knows Southwest Montana inside and out. Growing up in the small town of Alder leaves one little to do but focus on outdoor pursuits. After getting to know Henry it is clear that he has taken his passion for fly fishing and the outdoors to the next level. After all, there is no substitute for time spent afield. As a full time guide at Ruby Springs Lodge he is fortunate enough to spend over 150 days a year guiding the Big Hole, Madison, Beaverhead, Jefferson and Ruby rivers. A day on the water with Henry is sure to be filled with lots of laughs, cold beer and even a trout or two. In the off season, angling is still priority one. Always on the look out for an opportunity to combine fishing and travel, Henry has spent time on the waters of Alaska, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Bahamas. When fly fishing isn’t on the brain, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll find him archery hunting elk and deer, waterfowling with his lab Ruby or making turns on a powder day.

Dane Huzarski | Hometown: Belgrade, MT


I grew up fly fishing in Northern Nevada in a back pack whistling up fish for my father. I chose Montana State after my collegiate wrestling career because of the great fly fishing and have never looked back. After guiding for 10 years I established Montana Trout Wranglers and I am enjoying every minute of it. My philosophy on guiding is that anyone can have a banner day, but it takes a great guide to make a poor day into a great day. So I have assembled a guide staff that I would want to fish with if I was fishing in Montana. These guys are the most fishy, hard working, professional, and enjoyable guys to spend a day with I have found. We want to make you a better angler and share our secrets to help you catch the trout of your dreams. We don’t just fish any one river, we specialize in them all. Whether this is your first time or you have fished the world, you won’t be disappointed by our knowledge of the area’s rivers and the fishing. When I am not guiding I enjoy fishing with my new puppy dog “Guppy”. He loves to float in the boat but hasn’t figured out where the trout disappear to when released back into the river.

Joe S. Moore | Hometown: Big Sky, MT

Joe S. Moore

I’m Joe S. Moore, owner and operator of Big Sky Anglers (Montana Outfitter #8939). I grew up in the small mid-western town of Quincy, IL, along the banks of the Mississippi River. At age six, while on vacation in Yellowstone National Park, my father began to teach me about the art of fly fishing. Dad learned to fly fish as a boy and then honed his skills in the mid 1960’s in northern Utah and Montana while studying for his undergraduate and Masters Degree in Education.

After chasing bass, bluegill, channel catfish and trout around in float tubes for 10 years, Dad thought it was time to take me “out West” to learn about what it takes to get a drag-free drift with a fly. In the summer of 1992 we took another trip to Montana and Yellowstone. We spent the better part of three weeks traveling the state, living in a pop-up camper and fishing from dawn to well after dusk. The seed was planted! During my college years, I began my career working for Montana River Outfitters in Wolf Creek, MT. Three seasons later I moved to West Yellowstone to work for Madison River Outfitters. Now I’ve gone out on my own.

I’ve been working in the fly fishing business for the last 15 years and guiding clients on the Madison, Gallatin, Missouri, Yellowstone and all the waters of Yellowstone National Park for the past 12 years. Both Ross Reels and R.L. Winston Fly Rods have asked me to join their Professional Staff of anglers. Montana Fly Company sells a few of the patterns that I have designed for various rivers throughout Montana.

Travis and Giselle Hansen | Hometown: West Yellowstone, MT | Yellowstone Fishing Guides

Travis and Giselle Hansen

Travis and Giselle Hansen are the Owners of Yellowstone Fishing Guides in West Yellowstone, Montana, and are Co-Owners of Flotadas Chimehuin in Patagonia, Argentina. Each of them grew up in the heart of some of the finest trout fishing in the world on opposite ends of the Americas. Now they are fortunate to travel back and forth guiding and fishing while calling both Montana, and Patagonia their home waters.

Giselle, being from Patagonia, Argentina, is the only female fishing guide in all of Patagonia. She started guiding fisherman when she was 15 years old, and switching from rowing rafts to a RO skiff only increased her effectiveness as a guide. Travis grew up in West Yellowstone, Montana and started guiding as soon as he could drive clients to the river. The two of them now lead anglers to awesome trout fishing year round and have a fleet of Skiffs in each country.

Justin Hartman | Hometown: Dillon, MT | Tight Line Adventures

Justin Hartman

Justin started Tight Line Adventures in the fall of 2008 and has been fishing and guiding on the waters around Dillon since his days in college at the University of Montana in Missoula, and here at Western Montana College in Dillon since 2002. Countless hours spent on the water or at the tying bench have helped Justin obtain a unique understanding of the rivers flowing through Southwest Montana.

Jordan Gage | Hometown: Lewistown, MT

Jordan Gage
For 16 years I have been fishing and guiding on the waters of Southwest Montana. My love for the sport derives from showing the novice how a fly rod works, where to find trout, and how to catch them. Whether wading a small creek or floating a large river, I try to challenge the experienced angler and encourage the novice. Fly fishing with a good guide is very much a team sport. The guide and the fisherman should feed off of each other’s enthusiasm and determination. A big trout may jump and throw the fly or he may end up in the net. Regardless, it will be an experience you never forget.

Tom Grimes | Hometown: Missouri

Tom Grimes
“Tall” Tom is originally from Missouri. He first fished the Henry’s Fork area in 1968. Over the years, he has acquired a great deal of knowledge about the area. He is known as a patient guide who does an excellent job teaching beginner & advanced anglers alike. His steady temper and dry sense of humor make him a great companion for a day of fishing. In the off season, Tom guides elk hunters and works at a restaurant near his home in Sheridan, Montana. Tom has also done quite a bit of big game hunting in the Yukon and is active in the Federation for North American Wild Sheep.

Greg Bricker | Hometown: Cardwell, MT

Greg Bricker
After more than 10 years of guiding the rivers of Southwest Montana, Greg started Freestone Fly Fishing Outfitters in 2011. Greg was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and has a degree in Biology from Hobart College. Summers in Montana, and winters in Chilean Patagonia affords him the opportunity to guide anglers for 10 months each year. Greg has been featured in The New York Times and both the 2010 and 2011 Simms catalog. He has appeared in numerous other outdoor publications such as: Field and Stream, Fly Rod and Reel, American Angler, Outside’s Go!, and Outside Bozeman. He also works as a Guide Ambassador for Simms Fishing Products, is a member of the Field Advisory Staff for Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures, and is on the Pro Staff for St. Croix rods. He makes his home in Bozeman with his lovely wife Terese.

Mark ‘Smitty’ Smith | Hometown: Montana

Mark 'Smitty' Smith
Smitty first fished the Henry’s Fork with Will Godfrey in 1972 when he was 13 years old. That summer, he caught his first fish on a dry fly on the Yellowstone River. He returned to Island Park to work in Godfrey’s shop during the summers of 1973, 1974 and 1975. He started guiding for Will in 1986 and, eventually, he came to work at Henry’s Fork Anglers in 1990. A patient teacher, Smitty is also an accomplished Gyotaku artist. His artwork can be seen in our shop and at the Henry’s Fork Lodge. Visit his web-site at: Fly Fishing Art. In the off season, Smitty lives in Bishop, California with his wife Glenna. They have two sons, Tyler and Mason. Tyler is also a full-time guide for Henry’s Fork Anglers. During the winter, Smitty works on his artwork.

Travis Smith | Hometown: Sheridan, MT | Patagonia River Guides Argentina

Travis Smith
Travis Smith has enjoyed over fifteen years of experience of guiding trout fishing in Montana, Idaho, Argentina, and Chile. He is one of the best known and most respected guides the American West. If you drop his name in a fly shop or a fishing bar, someone will know him or of his reputation that is larger than life. He is a member of the Winston Rod and Hatch Reels pro staff and is not only, an excellent caster and fisherman, but also an incredible teacher. Travis learned to cast and row before most learned to read and grew up fishing with his Dad and his buddy Rance on his parents ranch on The Ruby River in Montana. His work ethic and endurance is second to none , and he is one of the most personable and patient guides you will ever meet. A day spent with Travis will be a day filled with great stories, many laughs, and screaming reels. His way with people makes him an excellent teacher, and his fifteen years of experience guiding on the Henry’s Fork have made him an expert on hatches and selective trout. If Travis can’t put you on fish on a tough day, no one will! Apart from fishing, he is a gracious host and will make you feel like part of our family when you visit. Three years ago, he fell in love with Caitlin, and they are looking forward to getting married during the summer of 2010. Travis and Caitlin are now splitting time between Colorado, Idaho, and Patagonia.

Rance Rathie | Hometown: Montana | Patagonia River Guides Argentina

Rance Rathie
Rance’s fishing, guiding, and angling experience is second to none. He is one of a handful of third generation guides from Montana and has been catching fish on a fly rod since he was old enough to walk. Rance has guided in numerous countries including: USA, Mongolia, The Bahamas, Argentina, and Chile. When on the water, Rance is a predator who enjoys catching and seeing big fish caught. He is a member of the R.L. Winston Rod and Hatch Reel pro staff, and enjoys helping guests hone their casting and presentation. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge of flora, fauna, and history of Patagonia. The day Rance finished his last final in college, he threw his textbooks in the trash and flew to Patagonia to begin his career as an international fishing guide. He fell in love; not only with the beauty of Patagonia, but also with his lovely Argentine wife Ellie. Shortly thereafter, with the help of Ellie and best buddy Travis, Rance founded Patagonia River Guides. For the past eleven years, Rance and Ellie have split their time living in the U.S. and Argentina. They are the proud parents of Julia Loren and Ryan Alexander Rathie.

 Ian Davis | Hometown: Bozeman, MT | Yellow Dog Fly Fishing

Ian Davis
Ian has been involved in the fly fishing industry since the early 1990’s. Having grown up in the Catskill Mountains, Ian later went on to attend the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied landscape painting. In the early 90’s, he moved to Colorado, where he spent 12 years as the owner of Breckenridge Outfitters – a three-time “Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year” fly shop. After leaving Colorado in 2003, Ian joined the Yellow Dog team as co-owner, saltwater director, and as manager of Yellow Dog’s Bahamas program. He has fished extensively throughout the world in both fresh and saltwater. Ian is an accomplished photographer and handles all of the art and illustrations for Yellow Dog’s catalogs and other literature.

Jim Klug | Hometown: Bozeman, MT | Yellow Dog Fly Fishing

Jim Klug
Founder and Director of Operations for Yellow Dog Fly Fishing, L.L.C., Jim has worked in the fly fishing industry as a guide, sales rep, travel coordinator, and as National Sales Manager for Scientific Anglers. He has guided extensively in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon, and has fished throughout the world. Jim spends a lot of time in the Caribbean, South America, and Alaska, working with our network of lodges and guides. Jim is the primary copywriter and photographer for the Yellow Dog catalogs and website as well as the Executive Producer for Confluence Films (the makers of DRIFT and RISE).

Chris Orwig | Hometown: Missoula, MT

Chris Orwig
After growing up traveling and fly-fishing with my father I selected Missoula, Montana, as an ideal place to gain an education (University of Montana) and learn the tools necessary to help people of all skill levels catch fish.
For me, being on the water, in the boat, is the ultimate office. Montana is the best workplace any angler could ever wish to find. Bringing people to the water to share my passion is why I founded Tug Fishing.

Robert Boyce | Hometown: Bozeman, MT | Casta Fly Travel

Robert Boyce
You talk about a guy that takes fishing serious. Robert has fished just about everywhere on the planet, with a few exceptions. A great instructor and quick with a smile, Robert is comfortable guiding any angler, any time. Chris Ledoux once sang, “the last to quit and the first to buy the beer” ~ that pretty much sums it up in the Robert Boyce department.

David Child | Hometown: Yakima, Washington | Dream Fly Fishing

David Child
RO gets you to the big fish! RO boats are built by fly fisherman—you can tell when you spend a day in one. My 16 foot guide model provides bow, front angler and rower dry storage; as well as front and back casting braces. The back leg brace keeps the angler right in the middle of the boat, where he needs to be for easier tracking. The back angler locks their leg in and you’re good to go. I usually had to remind my guys 4 to 100 times to, “STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOAT” in my other boats. On my boat I have recessed rod storage where the front angler can store his rod pointed safely towards the stern, and the back angler can safely store his rod in the tube going under the bow. It’s well thought out and functional. I’ve guided out of both of the “big name” driftboats, rowed different wood boats, and spent many days in inflatable’s doing fisheries research. I really prefer the RO driftboat! It is easier to row, tracks better, and is very responsive. It has the big boat feeling I like when it comes to safety in some of our large Western rivers, but its gunnels height is equally great for our windy streams. The boat also features plenty of dry storage, an extended anchor arm off the stern that helps you avoid the annoying and damaging smack, smack, smack from the anchor, and an awesome trailer (the best out there-torsion bore axle, double rollers etc.). I’ve been trying to get my Yakima River guide buddies to jump on the chance to own a Ro. I’m convinced if they spend a day guiding out of one, they’ll make the switch. I know what it’s like to be sitting there thinking, “hmm which boat should I get, so many choices so little time”? Rest assured that by making the choice to go with a RO, you’ve made the correct decision.

Tyler Treese |

Tyler Treece

Captain Tyler Treece has been a fishing fanatic since he was old enough to hold a rod. Throughout college in Ohio, Captain Tyler guided clients into anything with fins. He has since graduated to being a full time professional fishing guide, spending over 300 days a year on the water.

From October to May, Captain Tyler can be found putting clients on Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and Speckled Trout in the Indian River Lagoon and surrounding waters. The Captain’s summer months are spent in Yellowstone country, guiding the most famous trout streams in the mountain west; the Yellowstone, the Henry’s Fork, the Madison, and the South Fork of the Snake.

Ron Sorensen | CLE Fly Fishing

Ron Sorensen
My name is Ron Sorensen and I have the good fortune of dividing my time between Montana, Idaho’s Henry’s Fork, and the pristine rivers of Patagonia, Argentina. Chocolate Lab Expeditions is dedicated to committing hard working expertise and high standards in organizing and executing first class fishing trips in Patagonia.

Jeremy Stott | Hometown: Lewiston, MT | Taylor Creek Fly Shops

Jeremy Stott
Born in Lewistown, Montana Jeremy Stott moved to Glenwood Springs, CO. at age eleven. Right away corruption came early in Jeremy’s youth as he enrolled in one of Tim Heng’s fly tying classes that same year. Taylor Creek’s wild child learned to fly fish on local creeks as well as the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers and his passion and skills developed quickly. Honing his fishing, tying and rowing skills through his youth prompted his future calling. Immediately after high school graduation at the age of 18, his career as a fly fishing guide began. Then, after only two seasons guiding in the Roaring Fork Valley he realized that this was not to be a seasonal or short time endeavor. Since this time Jeremy has made this dream a reality as he guides year round. When he’s not floating his beloved Colorado or fooling the selective trout of the Frying Pan with his “trick patterns”, you can find him guiding in the San Martin Region of Argentina on famed waters such as the Malleo and Chimehuin. His energy and exceptional skills always make for a memorable experience on the water, wherever you may be fortunate enough to fish with him. For the past five years Jeremy has been living the never ending summer dream by jumping back and forth between the Roaring Fork Valley and Argentina to avoid winter. Always on the move, this nomadic occupation allows him a month or so in between his sojourns between the valley and southern waters. During this time you can expect that he will be hunting Elk, chasing freshwater Dorado in Northern Argentina or getting a salty fix. From Tarpon in the Florida Keys, Bonefish of the Bahamas or Sail fishing off the coast of Mexico, you never know where you might cross paths with this accomplished traveler and fisherman.

Pat Bond | Hometown: West Yellowstone, MT

Pat Bond
Pat is a local outfitter who possesses a hardworking nature, with great fish sense, and a rare breed of humor which makes a day with him on the water one you won’t soon forget. He has been harassing the fish on the Madison, Gallatin, Missouri, and Yellowstone Park waters for near a 100 moons now. Pat spends his winters in Florida pursuing salt water game fish on the fly and returns to the headwaters of The Missouri every spring to take his annual bath.

Zeek Shelton / Hometown: Blountville, TN


I am a guide for the South Holston River Company, we are based out of Bristol, TN.  I started fly fishing when I was 15, little did I know then it would become my passion and be my job. I loved the thrill of catching my first fish on the fly rod. Taking someone that has never been fly fishing before, and putting them on their very first fish is what makes me happy. I got my first drift boat this past year, I selected the RO Lsg, and couldn’t be happier with it. My RO LSG provides a lot of storage to accommodate both anglers and even the rower. My Lsg glides through water with ease. I guide on the south holston river and watagua river. I’m proud to call these rivers my home.  A day on the water with  me consists of, lots of laughs, stories, and instruction. I’m ready to insure you have an excellent time when fishing.  The South Holston River Company takes pride and passion in what we do. 

Royce Olney

Royce Olney
He will work hard to ensure your time on the water is well spent. Also blessed with great athletic skills, Royce played college basketball for the “Lobo’s” at the university of New Mexico. He has many captivating stories of his career!. Also blessed with an incredible sense of humor there will not be many dull moments in the day. Royce is also a master hunter and spends his time in the Kaihbab National Forest in Arizona and in Mexico hunting trophy mule deer. In the winter Royce trains quarter-horses for his uncle in New Mexico.