2023 RO Tailwater Skiff

TW port side closed 2023

One of our best selling models is the Tailwater skiff is designed for those who love the ease of how a skiff rows but wants the storage of our low profile Deville.  Its high floating design and flexible floor allows for sneaking up on pods of rising fish in slow moving water or running the rapids of the larger freestone rivers.  Offering more storage, rod holders for up to eight rods and a low profile keeps this boat tracking true even in windy conditions.  Casting braces in the front and rear allow anglers to either sit and sneak or stand and throw long.  Featuring our walk around design, this boat is laid out with the angler and rower in mind.


Standard Features:

  • Deluxe, All-Weather Padded Swivel Seats (Frond & Rear)
  • 4” Padded Rowers Seat
  • Front and Rear Leg Locks finished smooth to match hull color
  • Bow Shelf Casting Deck
  • Front and Rower’s Dry Storage Compartments
  • Walk Around Rower’s Seat
  • Floor with Rope & 30lb. Anchor
  • Non-Skid Floors
  • Raised Front & Rear Flat Floors
  • Ample Side Storage
  • 9′ Sawyer Polecat Oars
  • Deluxe Double-Roller Galvanized Black Dog Trailer with Galvanized Rims
  • 2 Color Paint Scheme
  • Recessed and Staggered Rod Holders Capable of 8 Rods

Optional Features

  • Custom Paint (anything) $ Call
  • Premium Oar Upgrade $ Call
  • Spare Breakdown Oar $190
  • Aqualon Waterproof Cover $725
  • Spare Tire and Mount $225
  • Spare Drain Plug $6
  • Extra Oar Lock $56